Thursday, November 12, 2015

She Is My Inspiration Part 2

Yesterday on Instagram I wrote how my mom inspired my jewelry making the journey. I had been talking about how doing beaded jewelry just wasn't creative enough for me anymore. I wanted to add my own touch and style to my pieces but found that I had a hard time finding charms that suited me.

Then I stumbled upon a book that mentioned a product called precious metal clay. I thought this would be perfect! I could make my own charms and add them to the gemstone jewelry. I also wanted to make words from the metal clay that were inspiring and healing. I soon realized that the beaded jewelry was taking time away from working with the clay. I also found that my style was changing and I liked the look of jewelry without the beads.

I was having a heard time finding the perfect font and stamps that were small enough to make the words on my pieces. Finally I found a stamp making machine that was not a fortune to invest in. The week it came in I decided to experiment. I knew that I could do words but I wanted to try shrinking a picture of an owl that my 3 year old granddaughter had drawn for her mom. And to my surprise it worked! 

Next I thought I would try making a stamp with a word. What word would I make my first stamp of? And then I thought maybe it would be kind of cool to do my moms signature. My husband knew exactly where a card she had written me was. Along with the card was a letter that she wrote to my son. On that letter to my son she had drawn a heart. So I took the heart and I took her signature and tried my first Signature piece.

I knew that this piece that I had created was really special to me, but then I realized how special it would be to other people too! 

And so there was my mom still with me on my jewelry journey. I find it so awesomely wonderful that my first Signature piece was made with her signature. 

My mom was such a kind hearted and giving person. I know that she is so happy knowing that each special Signature piece that I make always finds it's way to that particular person who is needing to be uplifted. 

And so, my jewelry journey has been bitter sweet. When I see the progress I have made over the years I always feel that little bit of sadness that my mom hasn't been here to travel in person the journey with me. But truthfully I know she has been with me in spirit every step of the way. 💞

My mom and dad with two of my beautiful nieces at my son's wedding and the weekend of their 50th wedding anniversary. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

This post is for you Mom!

Today would have been my mom's 80th birthday. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her and wish she was still here. My biggest regret is that she isn't here to enjoy the process of my jewelry business evolving.

Her actual signature was the inspiration behind my new Signature Tag line. I can not tell you how comforting it is to wear this piece that I made for myself with her signature on it. 

I never really properly launched this Signature Tag  line of jewelry. I wore my piece 2 days after I made it to a jewelry trunk show that my niece was hosting for me. I wasn't very confident about showing it because not enough thought had gone into making this type of jewelry. But, I quickly pulled some information together and showed it at the trunk show. Well, needless to say I have not looked back. The orders just keep rolling in. Here are a few samples....

The top left is a piece that a mother sketched for her in place of her grand daughter's signature and drawing. She was giving this necklace to her daughter as a gift. The pendant on the right is from a mothers hand writing to her daughter. It's a saying that they say to each other all the time.

The top left is a signature from a card that a daughter wrote to her mother. The daughter passed away and the mother had the necklace made for herself. I am hoping it helps her in the healing process. The pendant on the right is from a letter from a mom to her daughter. The mom has passed and the daughter had key chains and necklaces made for herself and her siblings.That piece has I love you on the front and Love Mom on the back.

Just a few more (these Signature Tags are made by my 4 grand daughters).....

I gave this to my daughter in law Giovanna for Christmas. Each of her daughters wrote their signatures for me to make her this pendant. I love seeing their different personalities in their signatures.Very sweet!!

This last one was for my daughter in law Tanis. Samia, her daughter, was 3 1/2 when she helped me with these tags.

What a great feeling to not only create a beautiful piece of jewelry but a piece that has such meaning and will definitely be a cherished heirloom for years to come.

If you're interested in contacting me about making a you a special Signature Tag piece, contact me through the contact form at the top right of this page or at

I'd love to know what you think about my Signature Tags. Please leave a comment below.

Friday, January 31, 2014

A Peak into my Studio..

Over the last few years I have met so many jewelry artists, makers and designers. Through them I have learned just what the word "studio" means. It means your work space. Whether you're in your bedroom, closet, basement or have an actual room or building that you create in, wherever that space may be that's your studio. The same with "work bench". A work bench is the table, desk or surface that you use to create on.

With that all said, One of my jewelry clients (Ashley) Asked if I would show pictures of my studio and how I organize it. So, this is for you Ashley!

About 15 years ago when I was painting I decided to make the room my sons used to share my studio. It sure was big enough and it was really a great set up but I found that I didn't like being upstairs and away from all of the action going on in the house. So when I started jewelry making I decided to make my studio in the corner of the dining room. I'm able to work while still feeling like I'm participating in what's going on around the house. If we have a large gathering I just clear my work spaces up and put everything away. I can get quite messy while I'm working. That's actually one of the great things about having your studio in one of your living spaces, you tend to keep it less cluttered.

Here is the full view.....

This is where I work on my clay pieces..... 

Here is where I solder and put pieces together....

All of my kids surrounding me  (even though it's an old picture, it still inspires me)

Some of the ways I try to keep organized....

One day I would like my studio to be a actual designated space. But I still would like it to be in the flow of our living quarters.
I hope you enjoyed a peak into my studio!